Pulleys out of stock

These still up for grabs? I’d be interested in picking up the whole package (one set). I’m located in Massachusetts.


@Eboosted I think they will fit, but I don’t have MBS wheels yet so will need @caustin to confirm when he has a chance.

@Alanhunt123 yes, I purchased a large quantity so plenty of pulleys left. I will pm you

Ok great, if I send you the money tomorrow morning, do you think you could deliver by Thursday to Miami or Sarasota? My GF is in USA and I’ll be great if she could bring them before she comes back.

Let me know

Yeah, for two complete sets I can ship priority since it barely misses the USPS first class weight limit

Please send me the quote asap

For two complete sets it will be $53 total

Hi mate how much for a motor pulley and a abec wheel pulley inc delivery to Perth Australia? :slight_smile:

@Tonto2k Generally shipping internationally is about $13. Although i might try to organize a mini group buy for Australia

Cool mate let me know if you do the group buy please :+1:

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Just bought and paid for 2 pulleys being shipped to Sydney. If anyone else is in Sydney now’s the time to buy and combine. I live in Rosebery if it makes any difference.

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Just wondering if you have any left. I’d be interested in 2 sets. I’m in the US.

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Yeah I have a lot more pulleys left. sorry if that’s not clear. PM sent

I’ll take two of the 15T steel motor pulleys if you have any left. I think they should fit my CGT no problem. The aluminum ones that come on it are garbage.

Yeah I purchased in bulk so I have plenty of pulleys left. I’ll pm you

Wheel pulleys fit MBS all terrain wheels


Hi Titoxd.

With your setup: …MBS100mm wheels , (15T, 40T), , what KV motors ? **S Battery ?

What speed were you getting ?

Ok I’ll take 2

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PM me. Motor pulley, wheel pulley or one of each

I haven’t taken MBS wheels to top speed but with 97mm abecs, 12s, 200kv I’ve gone about 35mph

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I have both pulleys in stock and ready to ship. I also provide you with tracking number for those wondering

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