Pulleys out of stock

Received mine in the mail recently. Must say, these seem to be of very high quality!

@Titoxd10001 Where did you get these pulleys, so that I might source them for future builds when you eventually run out of them?

What is the cost for 2 sets shipped to NorCal

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Two sets as in two motor pulleys and two wheel pulleys is $50 + 6 shipping $56.00 as friends and family or $57.93 as goods and services

Let me know if you have any more questions


Glad you like the quality of the pulleys @Alanhunt123

I purchased from overseas in large quantity so I have plenty of pulleys left before I run out.

I got my pulleys today. They fit the Evolve motors easily. So much stronger and better feeling than the aluminum ones. Thanks again man they came super quick!

I’m glad you like the pulleys and good to know they fit Evolve. I do my best to ship as soon as possible


Hey Tito! I got my pulleys today, there are awesome.

I might need a second set with belts in 16/40T

I’m glad you like the pulleys. I still got plenty so if need more awesome pulleys let me know. If you need 15mm belts you can source from eBay or AliExpress.

Do you know the right specs for the belt? Just need one about 265mm.

What would it be for a 15t and 40t shipped to the Netherlands?

To find the belt length I like to use this site http://www.bbman.com/belt-length-calculator/

Shipping internationally was pretty expensive which might not be worth it for small orders. I’m trying to figure out a solution.

Hey @Titoxd10001 I received mine yesterday and it fits better than the one I am currently using (no wobble even on clone 83 wheels) and I paid twice as much for my current version. These are great.

I’m glad you like the pulleys. The six m5 screws (vs m6 screws) do allow for a great fit, they hug the wheel core for the best alignment

hey luis, thx so much for the lifetime supply of motor pulleys, they are simply perfect!

one would think its easy to make the right pulley, but somehow noone got it right! steel instead of aluminium, teeth over whole width instead of this extra grub screw cylinder part that never fits anywhere in our setups, 2x grub screws hidden between teeth, finally a key AND its black = all thumbs up! :heart_eyes:


I appreciate the feedback bro. I’m honored that you like them.

You still have the 15T steel motor pulley in stock? I would like to get a couple for my Evolve as well. How much would a set of 2 be? I live in Wyoming. Thanks.

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For two motor pulleys the price is $22+$3 shipping

$25 as friends and family $26 as goods and services (to cover fee)

My PayPal email is: [email protected]

I can ship that out tomorrow

When you pay with PayPal you have the option to pay as “friends and family” or “goods and services.”

Yeah, sorry i noticed that when i actually looked into sending the money. I’ll be sending via friends and family in just a moment. Thanks.

Received payment. Will ship that as soon as I can and I’ll send you tracking info