Pulleys to fit Bergmeister pneumatic wheels

  • HTD5M pulleys are cnc-machined from solid rounds of Acetal Delrin (POM) not 3D printed
  • Fits perfectly to Bergmeisters’ hub without modification
  • New stainless hardware included

Available sizes 36-70t, price indicates per pulley

  • 36-42t - $35
  • 44-50t - $40
  • 52-58t - $45
  • 60-66t - $50
  • 68-70t - $55









Nice work @marcmt88!


Love it! placing an order right now! God Save my wallet!!

Not yet up on my website, currently only available on this forum


What the id of pulley?

ID of pulley is ~31.5mm.

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I have 13t, 14t, and 15t motor pulleys with 72t wheel pulleys. Will this https://www.janux-esk8.com/product-page/janux-dual-drive-motor-mount-system-for-mbs-matrix-pro fit my transmission? If so, what length belt would you recommend? I’m using 5m 15mm htd belts.

Too bad I bought the pulleys when they were 50usd… literally the week after I bought them they are 35usd RIP Snoozed and lost I suppose :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

13-16/72t would fit with this https://www.janux-esk8.com/product-page/janux-dual-drive-motor-mount-system-for-mbs-matrix-pro. As for belt length, it’s best to set up your drive train, string around your drive pulleys to measure.

So with these do you no longer use the lock nut? The bolt goes far enough into the pulley that it holds tight?

Lock nut is no longer necessary which makes installation very easy with single hex tool. The included stainless bolts thread into entire 27mm or 1+" pulley thickness.


So, what would the total price come up to with your dual motor mounts for the old style Matrix Pro, two 72t 5m 18mm pulleys for superstar hubs, and 15mm belts? I don’t know the length of belt I need because I don’t know how long your motor mounts are but I plan on running the 72t with 13t, 14t and 15t motor pulleys. I live in Colorado by the way

Please see PM

hello I’m interested in 2 pulleys of 49 teeth How do we buy them? the price is $80 for both How much is the delivery? thanks

49t would not be a problem, please see PM.

I sent you a new PM

Just ordered 2 of those pulleys in 60T and a dual motors mount with crossbars and idlers. Can’t wait ! \o/

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hello marcmt88 I can’t send you an email I would like two pulleys in 48 teeth and on your site impossible to order with the number of teeth of the pulleys please contact me again

Please check your PM.