Pulse mapping for ppm remote not working Vesc

Please help. When my board is on and remote is connected input setup doesn’t allow for ppm remote as the vesc tool doesn’t see that i am moving my remote. Uart control does work. Please help as PPM allows for better tuning of my board.

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Did you turn on RT APP on the right side?

I am pretty sure, I turned it on on the vec with the receiver plugged into it

Did you check that the PWM wires aren’t backwards? (example: Signal connected to Ground, and Ground connected to Signal)

Do i have to connect those if I am using a vx1 remote with it’s own receiver and if so where to I connect those to?

Because those are those three stranded wire coming off of the vesc but there is no where to attach them to

Post a photo of the ESC and of the remote receiver

image there are two vesc connected via canbus and the receiver is connected to the 6 pin female connector on the first vesc

And I don’t think I set up anything wrong its just whenI get to the pulse mapping setup in vesc tool it doesn’t show that I am moving my remote

The VX1 is not really PPM, this is UART, so you cannot use the PPM mapping tool.

I was able to adjust the ‘Throttle curve’ in the PPM section to change the response to the remote and get some exponential adjustment, pretty sure this actually had an effect, lets call it 95%.