Pulseboards Carbon Fiber Board with integrated enclosure (Price Drop)

Hello All,

We have a treat for those interested in that sweet carbon fiber and stealth looking esk8 board while keeping the belly hump to a minimum. This board has been in the works for awhile now (over a year) but due to some unforeseen issues in our previous retail product the “ECHO” it was put on the back burner. Our intention was to release this as a fully built retail board later this year or early 2019.

Unfortunately time is flying by and the board is just too perfect to keep in the closet any longer so we’ve decided to release it first to the esk8 DIY community.

Here’s the details


  • Dual Vesc 4.12
  • 10s2p-3p 18650 battery with bms mounted in the front of the cells (Charge only bms recommended)
  • Motor wire Cable Management Channeling
  • Cover made out of Aluminum (We will provide the STL if you would like to make your own cover)

Deck Size:

  • 35 in. Length
  • 25 in. Wheelbase Internal compartment size - Width = 138mm , Height 20mm, Length = 415mm

Material and core:

  • core: PVC foam, from diab group
  • carbon fiber layers: 10 plies UD prepreg, 3k twill woven as top layer, glossy finish


  • 1x Board
  • 1x Cover
  • 10 bolts for cover (Screw, Flat, Socket-Head, Steel, M3 Thread, 8mm Length, Steel, black luster)

PRICE @MOQ of 20 units () $170.00 This is the current price but we are negotiating with manufacturer if we have more than 20 buyers this can be lowered and if the price is lowered we will refund the difference. SHIPPING Working on details having them shipped directly from our Manufacturer in China) otherwise Should be around $25 - $30 and we can ship to most countries shipped (Shipped from California)

If you live locally in Southern California then we can arrange pickup for quicker delivery Orange County/LA/Riverside County area (Pickup would save you the $25-$30 )

Lets Poll for who would be interested first and then if we have the numbers we will add the product to our site and arrange go from there.

I don’t want to start collecting money like some companies may or may not do without knowing we even have enough people to get this going.

  • Will buy now
  • Interested but cannot buy now

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Can you give us dimensions of the enclosure? Also i know its a carbon fiber deck but does it by any chance have any flex? I do like a slight bit of flex in my decks.

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Very interesting, can it be made longer. 38 is ok for smaller people. Big guys need the length and a few more inches for a bigger battery wouldn’t hurt. Like a 10s4p or 5p


I’m big boy so I feel ya on this input. I’m 6’3 and I usually rock a 38 - 41 inch board myself because of my size. Can’t make it any bigger unfortunately as the molds are made for this board for over a year now and we’d have to buy a new mold.

As we grow mature as a business making multiple molds is the goal.


I would still be interested in some.

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From a perspective a portability, I’d love to see a version that is 5’’ shorter (30’’ total) and capable of fitting a 10s2p flatpack or 12s2p. I love the fact that you designed in a kicktail. I’m decently tall ~6’ but would like a shortboard just for convenience sake

Does the channeling go from the top down? Do you connect the phase wires next to the truck? I’m a bit confused from your CAD images.



I’ll say if your 6ft or taller like me, holding this board makes me feel like a giant holding a small cruiser deck.

You’ll want a truck riser pad and cut out so you can route the wires right in from the cutout we made in the deck. Those Riptide riser pads that just came out are perfect.

Also if I mall grab the deck by the trucks the nose will not hit the ground.


Could we get the dimensions for the enclosure space?


Away from my laptop. Atm give me a bit I’ll get full internal dimensions. Sorry ,thought I added those pictures also. For the most part it’s height is 20mm and does fit focboxes in cases.

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If only this fit 10s4p. I won’t go any lower than that these days.


Glad to see this bad boy making its first appearance :slight_smile:


I feel the 10s4p range but I gotta say range on the 10s3p is not too far off from a 4p. Also mixed with the right gear ratio you’ll be super efficient.

And if you do a 2p swapping could be done in less time than a boosted board so that’s a plus. :slight_smile:


Internal compartment size - Width = 138mm , Height 20mm, Length = 415mm

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Placed Enclosure specifications in the inital description.

I think that’s too small for most DIY builds. It’ll probably be a perfect deck for a production board though. Although even a production board could benefit from some more cells.

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Appreciate the feedback. @myreala These are the categories I really see it fits in:

  1. Lightweight, Portable
  2. Slim, Stealth, Sleek and Sexy
  3. 15-20 miles of range (Depends on weight, avg speed, terrain etc.)
  4. Easy to install components, close the LID and call it a day.
  5. Comfortable Concave (Not found in most Carbon Fiber Boards)
  6. Easy Swap for batteries.

how does the cover look? and what is the material?

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Aluminum Cover with or without grip tape installed. (by request) Because it can be used as a DIY we will give members the ability to cut out their own lids out of any material they want by providing the solidworks files.

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