Pulsewidth and transmitter

About 1 hour about my Pulsewidth and transmitter were working fine, but now my transmitter will not move the Pulsewidth on the bldc tool.

Ive got ppm selected and current no reverse with brake.

Ive rebinded my transmitter and the receiver light is on. But the transmitter will not work, the transmitter has 3 buttons = on/off, binding button ans ch2 button (reciever channel 2).

Anyone got any ideas

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What transmitter (remote) do you have?

Make sure the display box next the the pulse width bar is checked.

This one and its always ticked.

You know that the channel that recieves data is the channel 2, and the Channel 2 button works for channel 1?

Thats weird, how should i use it, coz ive pressed the channel 2 a few times when it wasmt working. That could be the issue but i doubt it

Connect your vesc on the channel 2 and see if it works