Pumping eSk8 Truck Advice

Hi, for my next build I am planning to do an electric board for pumping (LDP). I plan to use my loaded overland to build it (primarly because I have it lying around and I really like the shape of it). But I am completely unsure about the trucks.

I currently have 2 boards using dual caliber II 50. And they are very fine for commuting, carving around and simply have fun but feel too stiff when pumping. I am thinking about using these front trucks:

Together with a dewedged caliber II 50 (because of availability of mounts).

But as I have no way to test it out before buying them, I would very much appreciate your input. Maybe someone already used them, or has experience with pump builds.

Thanks in advance!

Confused on the concept. Do you accelerate by pumping and the motors kick in to keep you at speed?

I thought pumpers like TKP trucks, Bennett Vectors in the front and Tracker RTS in the back or something like that. I imagine the guys at pavedwave would have better advice on pumping trucks

Sorry for the confusion. The motor is only there for braking, helping me with hills and getting home again;) Generally I would like to pump as long/far as possible.

I also already read they prefer TKPs therefore the idea with the dont trip front truck. But I kind of cannot really switch the back truck freely due to the mount availability.

Shouldn’t you get hub motors? Because belt creates drag

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Maybe I should… But I would like to start with a single belt because I would like to test different wheel sizes and gearing. Currently I dont have issues with the freewheeling of my single belt setups, but ofc you are right - should be better with hubs.

There will be a lot of drag w the belts and the motor. Even with a hub motor there is drag. Maybe forget pumping n push the throttle or maybe u could find a belt that would be easy to engage n disengage but I doubt it.

The drag is present, but on my current single motor with a single idler it is totally fine to push. The weight of the board seems to keep it rolling.

Push, sure, but pumping…that’s a lot of pump necessary to equate to a push

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Ah, I thought he was using push and pump interchangeably.

Thanks for your concerns, but I am aware of the drag issue. I have 2 single belt boards (6355 and one with a 6374) and I can pump around just fine as long as its flat. When its getting slightly uphill I use a little bit of power from the battery to keep rolling. So this part is working already just fine.

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Sorry to go off topic here a bit, but wouldn’t it be a great setup to have some sort of speed assist control here? A control that aims to neutralize drag and diminish power when pumping is adding momentum. Sorry I don’t have an answer for your trucks, the only thing I have done is wedged both front and rear trucks for more turn.

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You could use a single rear wheel with a freewheel/belt setup. No regenerative braking, but you could use a simple mechanical brake.

Not all the belt board have drag, if you use one-way bearings with a belt motor would be no drag - see the implementation of the use of one-way bearings from Carvon X.

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Very interesting topic ! I personally come from the long distance longboarding scene and have been toying lately with the idea of an e-pump assistance system. If you are still at it, give me a shout out :slight_smile: I am totally new to e-skating, however I can provide some pumping expertise^^ The Poppy truck is btw. THE go to front truck for ldp.