Purchasing Surf Rodz

Any one have any luck in the UK getting cold of surfrodz? I have emailed like 3 times and nothing? Would have thought they would be loving all the business??

Anyone have any suggestions?

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A lot of people have the same problem

I am guessing its because Surfrodz is owned and operated by a family business whose focus is on manufacturing


In US, sent an email asking about something I can’t remember now. Waited a week and just bought a set anyways, still no reply email but I got my trucks.

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You’re not alone. I mailed three times with decent sized orders and they just completely ignored me.

Your best bet is sickboards.nl and Mike’s thread on shoulder bolts, bearing and spacer options:

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Try this email [email protected]

Only one i ever get replays from And it’s still slow


I’ve tried twice. Never replied to either. Awesome trucks tho…

As moonberg said, surfrodz is just a sideline for them, they are a medical precision manufacturer and probably focus on that. There’s no doubt loads of money to be made from all of us plebeians but it’s likely annoying to make our stuff for less margin.

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had the same issue, literally just bought a set from @psychotiller



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@psychotiller do you have any black tkp177

Ordering a couple sets today


can a brother from another mother hook a brother up?

(say it quickly, rolls of the tongue real nice) :smile:

Yup!! Order’s in!! Need anything else?

Make sure you do the purchase so they go to you!

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Anyone make an order during their promo? Hasn’t shipped, no email replies, and phone’s been left off the hook (busy signal) :frowning:

That’s depressing i was just looking to purchase some as well.