Pure copper bus bar : tin it for corrosion?

Hi there, I have bough a set of second hand very pure electrolytic copper sheets (0.5mm thickness) that I inted to use as busbar for a battery pack (with cell fuse). Is it recommended to tin it to avoid corrosion ? I have some experience with cold chemical tinning for PCBs (a liquid in which you put your pcbs). Is that recommended for copper busbars ? Is there a better technique ?

Once it oxidizes I don’t believe it will corrode any further so it acts as a sort of protective barrier. I’ve never coated any of my copper bus bars.

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Yes it’s similar to aluminum a layer of oxidation forms on the material effectively sealing it so it won’t continue to corrode.

Thank you guys. This will make my life easier ! No more excuse not to go sodlering and welding !