Purple Potato | Jet | Kegel | Harfangs | 10s | 5045 200kV | FOC

Starting portable low power build.

Just picked up a Jet Potato product_Jet-2017-Potato-33-Blue-(Set-HD)

Goal here is a lightweight(~12lbs) waterproof office park board for kicking it around campus to meetings/cafeteria etc.

Planned parts:


I need one of these.

I still don’t really have a low watt hour mall grabber.


Me either. Figured small wheels, small motors, small battery should make a nice little board.


have you ridden Purple orangatang kegels (non Harfang)? Interested to see how different they perform compared to regular Kegels

And why 83A instead of 80A?

Have you considered going 13S2P? Higher Voltage = Less amps = better on a “small” pack.

I too started with a small cruiser: Quinboards mini me. 13S1P Single Hub (Push assist is the goal thoug)

Good luck on the building progress!

I haven’t considered 13s as my 13s boards are rockets and this one is more so gonna be a slow cruiser for laziness

I want the 83a so I can have some low speed slide check fun between buildings, but also have a bit of traction if it has been raining. :slight_smile:

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I have a Jet spud with 12s2p battery and single 6355 that weighs 14lbs with the bindings and about 11lbs without. The 12s2p battery with 15mm wheel and motor pulleys on a 170kv 6355 motor give me about 8 mikes of range with hills and about 10 miles without. I weigh about 215lbs.


Sounds about right then as 5055s are a couple hundred grams lighter then 6355s, I won’t be using bindings. And likely a smaller battery. :slight_smile:


Bindings make a very convenient carrying handle and make jumping up curbs pretty easy.


Where’d you find the Potato? Been looking for a year.

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I think @JLabs has them in stock

I know, but I want the 33".

The company is a joke. Every single Jet deck is currently sold out on Muirskate, and everywhere else.

Sickboards.nl has the Potato :wink: was ordering a new Pass and saw it and couldn’t pass it up.

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Ohh, sorry it’s just that you’ve asked about the Spud, not the :potato::potato:

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In light of trying to think of a color scheme…and this board does not come with grip…

I already had TB180mm on hand…but I ordered a set of Caliber II 44 Blue trucks before I ordered this board - as I was going to steal the base plates for the Evo(as they’re currently 50’s). Which leaves me with a

  • black baseplate(from the Evo)
  • blue hangar
  • purple kegels
  • blue deck

Think I’ll be getting some purple dress up washers for the enclosure.

download (4)

And printing a purple potato decal to go under clear grip

And calling this build The Purple Potato. Lol


Just gonna add this here since I’ve said it in other threads in the past.

If your looking for longboard gear that’s hard to find… Sickboards normally always has it. This was my 11th order from them in the past couple years. I’m US based, and they ship UPS international. All my orders have come on the 2nd or 3rd day after ordering.

Anyway I ordered yesterday. Shipped out from Hague Netherlands… Already out for delivery this morning in NC USA ;).

Sorry just had to rant about my favorite board shop haha…


I’ve done about three orders with them and had the same experience. Plus, one order came with a free t-shirt!

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Let the fun begin.


Some purple vicious grip tape with that silver bottom would be :ok_hand:


These mounts are so tiny lol

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So haven’t gotten the kegels yet.

So threw the trucks and some 83 flywheel clones on to push around a bit and feel out the deck. It has the slightest amount of bite. I think with an 1/8" riser and the 80mm it’ll be just fine, but we’ll see

Deck came with grip…I’ll be swapping it for clear.

Also need to start rebuilding this into a flat pack, retired modular vanguard battery.

Also need to cut the calibers so I can fit the pulleys from LHB…