Push-assist e-skateboard

Hi guys!

I was wondering, why there are no push-assist e-boards around?

I feel it would be much more fun to kick push your board and feel it going further than it would withtout the motors.

Also, it could be sexier as you don’t have to carry a remote around…

What do you guys think? Do you know of any? (a part from Mellow Board Endless Mode which is still with a remote)

Thank you for your thoughts!

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People don’t get eboards to push, to be honest it would only be helpful uphill because on flat ground regular longboards are very efficient. People want a remote so they can go FAST then emergency brake when they need to.

Also, its not talked about too often but acceleration can be a safety bonus because you’re able to pull away from bad situations if you need to

Yeah the only reason the remote is still used in the endless mode of mellow is because of the braking. I don’t know any other way to let the board know that it needs to brake and that is pretty necessary for a safe board haha

The remote is a safety feature. Especially so when push assist interprets downhill action as more acceleration. Sure you can put sensors , but now you just have a Z board or stark board.

Push assist is better as a side feature than a main feature

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I always push to start cause I use BLDC mode and a sensorless motor so to avoid any cogging and to avoid peaking amps right off the bat I typically give it a little kick or jump on to get a rolling start before accelerating some but agree with what others are saying the trade off in safety for something that goes ludicrous speed vs the ‘fun’ of kicking once in a while doesn’t add up for me. If the board was severely limited so it couldn’t accelerate hard or brake hard then I could see it but why carry all the extra electronics etc. if you’re not going to use it, just grab a regular skateboard when you feel like kicking. I use my esk8 to get around town to places I could otherwise bike or walk but it’s more fun and faster to ride the esk8 (grocery store or local convenience store runs mostly), if it’s sort of crappy out and I don’t want to deal with cleaning my esk8 when I get home I’ll just grab a regular cruiser board or hike it.

Serious? A push assist board? So let me get it straight when you push the board helps you? It moves while you only have one foot on it? Yeah please let me me know how that works out for the beta testers. Too good.

like the endless mode on the Mellow. you push and the esc just push the motors so that your push feels like stronger and you roll longer. just maintaning the speed. I´m not sure, but i think @Ackmaniac was working a time long on it. not sure if he still into it.

Sounds like a good backflip machine to me.

more like good bearings. it´s not meant to push you forward. just extand the roling distance you get out of one push of your leg

‎snake oil

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That’s interesting because there’s thread after thread discussing Endless ride and people asking for it’s implementation. There’s even a poll.

My personal opinion is that an endless ride feature could be amazing in the right circumstances on the right deck. I would love to use this on a flexi promenade cruiser, I enjoy kicking and I wouldnt need to work very hard here, the remote is in your hand for braking when needed and in the right environment (not a busy street or commuting board) this would be awesome.

But thats just my personal opinion, one that I’m not forcing down your throat with general statements intended to encompass the whole community. Imagine that.

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There is such a solution even for non-hub motors. Carvon X uses direct drive motor but with a special one-way bearings system that allow to push whenever you want https://levrevolution.com/2017/09/11/carvon-electric-skateboard/ So one can set it on low speed and only push to increase its speed and for physical workout of course.