Put your Ride Spots on the MAP!

I couldn’t resist…I added a place to eat layer …

A bit side topic… but this got me thinking :slight_smile:

Do you know what would be cool (?) -

Once the VR type glasses become more widespread… or something similar like ‘‘google glasses’’ comes out… that the ‘‘risky’’ spots on the road is marked somehow..

Though, this probably would require some sort of high level connectivity and precise location marking to work…

Though this was just an idea I got the other day when riding in some shitty streets :slight_smile:

I know there are a few ‘‘navigation’’ apps, which are quite precise to tell you of obstacles / situation ahead of you (like blocked road, car accident, police etc)… so would be cool, if at one day it would be possible to mark the ‘‘dangerous’’ spots on the road, so others can avoid them :slight_smile:

This is taking into consideration that eboards get more and more popular… and the city governments wont be able to keep up with suitable infrastracture / roads to safely ride with them on the streets / sidewalks and elsewhere

Just my 50 cents into the future :smiley:


Bump load it up :facepunch:t2:

I just added a couple of spots


Thanks Dave…

One day there will be an esk8 vacation planned around this map lol

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Thank you everyone!

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Central Florida rider here. None of my West Orange Trail stations are on here. I’m adding those and the Gemini Springs Spring-To-Spring trail, which is the best trail ever. That one is ideal for typical 220 watt hour 6S to 8S packs as the entire loop is just shy of 9 miles, which is about the range you’ll get at fun speed on a new pack that size. I managed to do it twice on a 10S 270 watt hour pack (space cell) but at lower speed. It’s also mostly wooded and curvy and gorgeous.

This video was shot at Gemini last year, mostly on my phone:

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Dude Yo, an inter-net of transponding and connected eboards and their route properties broadcasted on live to the user via some augmented reality device will be the future we will grow up in. Self driving hoverboards… mmmm…drooling

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lol that’s an awesome run man…

I was waiting for a panther to come and take your ass out on one of those bends lol

Added 3 in the Seattle Suburbs - Come on Seattle Peeps, pony up!

Lol @DougM they don’t want you squatting on their sweet ride spots lol :joy:

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is there a way to add a spot that isn’t a landmark or streetname? or am I just dumb

Yep you put a point on the map…

Looks like an upside down tear drop :droplet:

I just added an ESk8 Rental layer!

This ones for you @caustin

Haha, you are the man for remembering me. I must be a broken record, but finally got a YES answer. Surprisingly for my Barcelona trip end of February, first esk8 rental city I have happened upon, see:

Who added sugarhouse park in Salt Lake City?! Seriously couldn’t be a cooler spot. It’s about a 1 mile loop on super smooth road with cool turns and a few hills. It’s a full on wide road but a car drives on it only every 5 minutes or so, so it’s pretty much all yours! Seriously recommend it to anyone who comes to Salt Lake at any point. And if so let me know and we’ll meet up!

I just added a good seattle spot for pneumatics.

@psychotiller I added a Vendor Layer … please feel free to load up on info…

Take a look at Carvon as a sample … since he’s not on the forum anymore lol

Are you kicking me off the forum? :tired_face: