Putting another enclosure on my deck: screws and charging

Hello! I started my ESK8 journey with tupperware but I’m ready to transition because it is ugly and it the cover falls off from time to time. I’ve got about 8 6mm holes in my deck to mount the two boxes.

Would the deck start to crack or something if I took those screws out(maybe I’ll 3D print some plugs to cover them up) and made some more holes to mount a proper enclosure?

Also, how would I go about charging? I got 2 5S lipo batteries in series that I charge with an external balance charger(each one separately). Can I charge the batteries without unplugging them from the series connector(just by exposing the connectors to the outside)? Is there a more elegant solution?

I would like to do this as cheap as possible as I already sunk 150$ more into this project as I hoped :slight_smile:

You can buy a big balance charger and make a balance wire harness and charger them like a 10s battery.

I have 2/5s lipos in series on here. Charge with ultra power up1200ac plus.

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Them Charge port connectors look awesome.

If you only charge one at a time, I think he could still get away with a 5S charger. As long as the board isn’t connected to anything else (i.e. grounded). Since batteries are basically floating with respect to the charger. When charging the lower pack, C6 to C10 will be idle, then doing the upper pack will just make the lower go ‘below ground’ (i.e. C-1, C-2… C-5).

It’s not the right way to do it I know, but would it work? As long as you never try to plug in your VESC USB while charging, I can’t see an issue.

We can’t even guess without photos. 3D printed plugs won’t make it stronger.

Glue some wooden pegs in there, or fill them with Epoxy Resin if you want to improve the strength.

They are but these ones are a bit flasher :ok_hand:

Nice. I didn’t know China had started ripping off LEMO connectors.

They’ve been big in Auto-sport for years, but are prohibitively expensive.

Redel have recently released a plastic version too that’s a bit cheaper, it’s pretty hard to compete with Ali’s deals

3D printed ABS is the same strength as wood though? I don’t see why there would be a difference.

The silver screws are M6 bolts, the 3D printed enclosure can’t reuse those holes as they are too close to one another.

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I see the charge connector, but where did you put the balance wires?

The 2 blue connectors. One is charge, the other balance.

They’re called sp21 connectors is u search. Many pin options available.

Why aren’t you making your deck from 3D printed ABS then? Let’s not go down that road, it was only a suggestion.

A few extra holes in that deck is unlikely to give you issues IMO, you could fill them with something to stop anything getting inside your new enclosure. Silicone sealant would probably be okay, but you can use whatever you want.

Or maybe you’re lucky enough to live in a country where rain isn’t such an issue. :grin:

Yeah, I’m not riding my skateboard in the rain haha. The wheels lose all grip on wet surfaces, not tryna get my head smashed in. I will probably print some ABS plugs and then seal them with silicone as you suggested.

To fill your holes use Bondo wood filler. Sand fill and sand off excess. Works great.

Sounds like no place I want to be. Rain is a good problem to have.