PwrBoards motor protector case

Would love to know if anyone has tried these?



That’s kinda cool…

Yeah and it’s on sale half price! Hopefully someone can give a heads up about the fit and the quality … Edit* Just found out it’s only a single case (no set)

Maybe somebody from there

I have read one day one guy wanted to buy, but i can´t find it at the moment…

Man I wish I didn’t have to deal with international shipping just to try these out

for what you need it? with it you fixed to one motor size. if you need a cover for your motors than just take the silk socks of your girl :wink:


Honestly I just think it looks cool

Haha never thought of that

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I got some here, they dont really fit any motors but they look cool


Thats what I used to do on my motorcycle during spring. All the pollen would jam up the filter quick.

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thats just more stuff to clean after a dirty ride who cares about motor paint anyways


I mean I want it to stay nice, buuut

function form

paint it every month :smiley:

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to me they wouldnt really serve a purpose because most motors are sealed now so they wouldnt need those cans.

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Some dont have sealed motors :V

I wish TB made their 6374s sealed… :heart_eyes:

Technically they make sealed 74 it is just on there direct drive.

yeah but Im trying to have them on a gear drive :man_shrugging:

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imo, looks kinda dangerous. The metal looks thin, and all I can see happening is a big enough rock hits it, and bends the metal cage just enough to make contact with the spinning motor and your far worse than not using anything to protect it in the first place.

Though that’s just my two cents, never tried it so I can’t say from experience. Just looking at the engineering principles and thinking about what could go wrong.

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At the end of the day, wouldn’t they preserve the life of your motors (unsealed)(aps)? Stopping small stones/debris and anything else that could creep inside and mess up the magnets, windings or sensors circuit board… :thinking: And generally keep them from looking like this… Screenshot_20181204-220544

The covers so slim, once hit by a bigger stone or impact the cover would deform and be useless. Plus the cover is made for specific motors. I doubt that they would fit a sk3 for example. They way much longer than other 74mm motors.