Qi Charging for the GT2B Solved...i think

So so so so…been searching for the past few hours on ideas on how to simplify wireless charging for your remote. Ive seen one other thread where the guy trys and his usb port is fried etc and he has to solder things but this is literally a plug and play…look ill show you. So the GT2B and other controllers have micro USB charging ports…what would happen if you plug one of these in and got a wireless Charging pad? By the way i mean plug it into the GT2B micro USB charging Port! Charges at 1a so shouldnt been too slow…would this work if you literally just plugged it in?

Need opinions as my controllers arriving tomorrow:)

This has been done before. It’s here somewhere. I think on one of the gt2b mod threads.

Couldnt find any others…were you thinking of this one: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/adding-qi-charging-to-my-gt2b-mod/4665 ? @DilatedPupils

Hmm, might be. I guess It didn’t work out. I thought there was another one. Anyway, how often do you charge your gt2b? What about Qi charging smaller battery packs? Like overnight charging, hang your board, no plugs to worry about.

I havent actually got it yet, its coming tomorrow…thank you amazon prime:) what do you mean smaller packs? The battery on the remote is only 800mah, or did you mean qi charging the actual board?

Yes, I meant on the actual board. Like a 6s battery

Saw this somewhere in a thread and im pretty certain its impossible

Bummer. someone’s gonna come up with a solution sooner or later. Good luck on your project.

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Think it would take ages to charge.

To charge the remote or the board that @DilatedPupils suggested?

That would be really cool, just plug in your board and place your remote on it to charge it. Less wires, makes it a cleaner set up but I wonder how much time it would take to charge.

To charge the board wireless? Or to charge the remote wireless? Ive ordered all the correct parts for wireless charging the remote so ill give it a go in a week or so :slight_smile:

I think Qi charging would take too long for both.

Not for the controller but if someone made it possible for the board then yeah the board would take ages

I think a “docking station” would be better than wireless. Two pins that match up with a board hanger. As many amps as the batteries can take, almost wireless.

@SageTX http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/magsafe-as-charge-port/13458/34 This would be ace

update #1, recieved the parts. Will let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

Great sucess! It works:) its charging pretty quick so far, it was half charged about just over half an hour ago and its almost full now. 100% recommend it:)