Quality of Tenergy Cells

I’ve got some new Tenergy 18650 cells and am thinking of making a 10s4p or 10s5p pack. Does anyone know of the quality of these cells? The max discharge of each is around 5 amps and I’ll be running a 63mm motor, 250kv, and 14/36 gearing with 83mm wheels.

Cheers, Malik R.

5A wont be enough I think , you need at least 10-20A cont discharge cells in a 10S4P Pack.

I used Tesla cells in a 10S4P,…which are rated to around 10-12A cont discharge/cell, and it performed great mostly on flat ground.

With those cells a 10s6p minimum. If you want a smaller battery pack you will have to get a deferent high discharge 18650’s

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Sounds good, I’m considering getting some drill batteries and cannibalizing them for cells