Quantum Remote receiver Anyone know what is wrong

I am having a problem with my transmiter and reciver I will plug it into a vesc and the throttle will not work the i pushed the ch3 button and the motor spun at full speed then when i stopped holding it down it came to a complete stop very fast, after about 10second it would turn off and would not do anything. I have a Quantum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx and Rx.

You’re in the wrong channel… try chan 2

Ok will try now

also make sure that your remote is properly setup.


Thank you problem solved

This has made the throttle work but after 10seconds the receiver will turn off

Pictures of wiring and vesc settings for receiver please

That is a quantum right? Those are not good for eboards, they are very unreliable. That could probably be your issue.

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Ok that explains it I tried a transmitter and receiver from a hobby car and it worked fine the only problem was that it is big and heavy. What is the best remote in your opinion

Get a GT2B. It is by far one of the best options! Additionaly there are several mods to make it smaller like

  • BadWolf V2
  • baby buffalo
  • mastercho …

just search on the forum :wink:

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And my personal favorite the Mad Munkey by @FLATLINEcustoms.

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Please make the thread title more descriptive.

Check these out, sure you will find something you like.

Ok thank you for all the help and next time I will make sure to make it more descriptive.