Quanum remote random disconnect

Hey. Been using the quanum transmitter for a day and haven’t had any issues. Today I was riding my board again and after a long day of use, the remote started disconnecting frequently, to the point that I decided to kick the rest of the way home instead since the board was unridable. Got home, checked batteries and they’re still at 35% so that’s not the issue. Anyone know what may have caused the problem?

Side note: Just found out the AAA batteries in the remote are at 1.2V, which from what I’ve read is near-dead. Could this have been the cause? If so, I’d have to replace the batteries every two days which is ridiculous.

Get rid of the remote, buy a GT2b or Winning remote. I used to have a quanum, reliability always varied day to day. Plus the winning remote is rechargeable

For any people having the same issue as I had, it was indeed low battery and this was a consistent issue I had to deal with with this remote. I constantly had to make sure that the remote was off whenever I wasn’t using etc etc and batteries would drain within about 5 days of riding about 2h each day (10h total). I have since switched the the Alien Power System remote which is rechargeable, lighter, smaller and looks better.

The quanum remote is fine but not a great option. Do yourself a favor and get a more reliable one and preferably rechargeable (more environmentally friendly as well :wink: )