Question about a new VESC - Beginner

Hello so iam new in this forum, because my Inboard M1 doesnt work anymore. So i think the mainboard isdamaged. Cause im in Germany the whole repair will cost too much with shipping. So long storry short. I thinkig about buying a new Mainboard - VESC, the Dual FSESC4.20 Plus. So is there any way to use the old Remote with the new VESC ?

Did your old remote have a receiver separate that plugs in to the main board (ESC) ? Or is it just the ESC by itself.

I havent opend the Inoard yet. the new VESC has an mini usbplug and the old inboard Controller too, if its that what you meant.

For reference:

I think his receiver board is soldered in at the bottom right. Correct me if I’m wrong

@Hansdieter He was asking if inside the case you see another electronic other than the mainboard

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@Flasher nope cause i didnt open it yet. wanted to be informed bevor i order. So as far as i understand you, you think there is in the case maybe an other electronic device that response to the controller right ? ppm to receiver right ?

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Correct, that would indicate you can use a different remote with it and vice versa.

@Mikenopolis used to have one I believe, let’s see if he chimes in

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yes if the inboard has an pluged ppm that would be the easiest way.

It doesn’t look to me like the is a ppm receiver. I think it comes pre paired to the remote. If the main board is fried and you are looking at vesc, you will never run in to this issue again because they all come with ppm servo cable ports.

If you’re looking for a cheap yet reliable remote, the mini remote can’t be beat.

yeah the mainboard is branded it think to, easiest way to install via bluetooth, i see no usb port. so think you are right. i think not that it is fried because i can heare a small piece flying around in the box. maybe its just an small piece whihc i can set on it :smiley: i have to check, but i didnt opend it yet cause iam waiting on an info of inoard. have no bill anymore just an online order email. maybe the accept it but i believe the wont.

Sorry, I’m of no help to this. Never ripped open the M1 before I sold it. Look for Ray Spencer on BAESK8’s Facebook group. He might know since he’s messed with his M1 a lot