Question about actually getting Liquid Fyre CNC Trucks

Okay…so I’ve been waiting for sk8trip to actually have some Liquid Fyre trucks in stock for a few weeks but it never seems to come in. I’ve emailed them about an anticipated in-stock date, but haven’t gotten a response in over a week so I’ve given up on getting an answer and instead am asking here.

I realize they CNC them in-house and it takes a while to make each one, but what I’m wondering is should I email them for a preorder or a request to buy one so they actually make one, or just keep waiting?

I’m also looking at PNL trucks as a possible alternative if I can’t get the Fyre’s nor the other Precision model. Does anyone have any experience with PNL trucks?


I got the Liquid CNC trucks 200mm. I just ordered them on the sk8trip website and they where delivered about 3 weeks later. They are on a made to order basis. Note: my order took a little longer than usual because they had some equipment issues.

Update: I just checked their website and see that they have added this: Sorry, we are currently sold out of: ‘Liquid Precision Trucks - RKP (Set of 2)’ I don’t know what’s up with that. Maybe their CNC is down for repairs. They can be slow at answering emails. You could try calling them at (714) 969-4141

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They had 2 Precisions in stock last week but sold out in one day.

I’m not sure what’s going on either…I don’t remember them having this issue 4 months ago… I’ll give calling them a try.

Thanks again.

Ya, I don’t get it either. These truck are supposed to be made to order not stock although they likely have some pre-made parts for common sizes. Because I ordered 200mm hangers, they had to make them.

I was on the phone with Brad at today and he said that they are able to take orders for the CNC trucks. They did have some temporary machine trouble and their website hasn’t be updated yet. He said you could send him an email [email protected] if you want to place an order. He also mentioned that the Frye trucks with the stabilizer bar are very good at controlling wheel wobble.

Diana contacted me through email a few days ago and said she can place the order for me. Haven’t heard from her since though after responding with what she wanted…so I’ll wait until they ask for my payment information. Hopefully it’ll only take a couple of weeks to machine the trucks.

I was hoping for this when I decided to go for these trucks.

I have to assume you got clamps for these trucks?

Interested in the trucks and would like to know where you got compatible clamps for it?

Haven’t yet, but I’ve checked with Bruno at APS and they claim to have the right clamping ring for their mounts available, so I’ll be ordering from them.

If they don’t fit perfectly, I’ll just stick some sugru or resin in there to get the clamping rings to hold.

I just want to get my hands on those trucks first, to feel them out.

@Brad @scrapheap

I’m using Torqueboards V4 mounts. They fit very well with some slight modification with a hand file. In fact, they fit these trucks after mod better than they fit Caliber II I used one grub screw that goes in the top where I filed the corners of the radius so it has 3 points of contact on top. Once I tightened the clamp, its solid as a rock.

They take PayPal and I highly recommend using PayPal because of security and the buyer protection.

I don’t know whats up with Dianna, seems she’s never there. You might do better contacting Brad.

I think I see the clamp you spoke of from APS.

Good thing that DIY V4 clamp fits in nicely.

Oh cool…I didn’t know they took Paypal. Definitely easier for me.

And oy…alright I’ll email Brad and see what he says. Else I’ll call them to get things rolling.

Thanks. Hopefully I get these trucks before the summer is over :smiley:

Emailed Brad middle of last week and no response. I’ll call them on Thursday since that’s my day off and see what they say…else I’ll have to go with PNL Strummers, because this is getting all kinds of frustrating for me.

Thanks for the help Namasaki, as always.