Question about anti spark xt90 loop key

Was wondering if anyone has a premade loop key for sale that I can use with xt90 male on vesc and xt90 female on batteries.

can you draw a diagram? i might be able to help you out

Sure I will get back to you st like 12:40 with a diagram. Thanks a lot

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There’s the diagram. Sorry for my drawing I’m not too good at it

Why would you buy that if you can solder it yourself? If you plan not to solder anything then GL…

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I would I just looked all’s round to see where to solder the connections to the battery and vesc and I can’t find a good one that I understand

If someone can show me, I posted my diagram above.

Just search this thread :slight_smile: there are some quite nice diagrames with anti sparks :slight_smile:

The last link is exactly same as your build, except 3s batteries instead of 6s…

Plus you are missing the loopkey on your diagram

yea… lol

I know because I’m not 100% sure where to put it

Before the ESC and voltmeter if you have one…

I have a black and red wires coming out of the xt60 part of the series connector the the xt90 on the series connector. Would I open up the red wire and use some short wire and solder them onto the red wire?

Not sure what you mean…What red wire? What harness do you have? XT60 series or XT90 series or XT60 series to XT90?!

Xt60 series to xt90

What I’m doing is is buying a xt60 series connector and taking off the end of it which An xt60 and soldering on an xt90

Is this correct?


This is my series connector <img src="" width=“664” height=“499” Once I take off the shrink tubing there is red and black wires leading to the connector that connects the vesc.

I will make a diagram for you :slight_smile: