Question about antispark - More specificly APS antispark!

Hey !

Im just curious how the APS antispark works - does it not break the positive connection? It seems to me that current flows through the positive wire, I notice this on my Battery capacity meter.

Its wired to negative battery wire, and positive output on the antispark - and its not that its leaking voltage then the % would not show correct - the voltage is correct the so the voltage from negative battery wire along with after output wire on antispark is still the full!

Current flows in a loop, there has to be a return path for current to flow. You can also measure current draw on either the high side or the negative, and its easier to design a low (gnd) side switch for the antispark.

Ok, thanks for the reply. so if I understood this correct - an antispark cant cut off the current from both poles as the flowing current has to flow back into the battery?

Well because you cut off part of the connection with the antispark, the current wont flow to begin with, so no issue with it acting as a switch.