Question about battery cables AWG

Hi all, I already bought some 10 AWG cables for my LiPo battery build. So my LiPo packs came and found their cables are 12 AWG. Is connecting 12 AWG to 10 AWG alright? Need your confirmation. My limited knowledge says its fine. Power source goes thru the 12 AWG and will free-flows thru 10 AWG, no problem. But if power source goes thru 10 AWG and will bottle-neck thru 12 AWG. The 12 AWG will, somehow, heats up.

Your expertise and experience is needed. Thanks.

in shorter lengths 12awg is fine, unless you’re running over 100a for sustained periods.

mating 12 to 10awg, and vice versa, is fine too

if you are, however, running wires longer distances use 10awg, like along the entire deck or something


you can put them together

The longer the wire the higher the resistance. The smaller the wire the higher the resistance. So larger wire handles higher current and produces less resistance.


Lol. That was confusing. No matter what I do I end up with increasing resistance. :joy::joy:

Edit. Shame on me. I read shorter and not thinner. :joy:

my biggest desire is copper over aluminum and that changes things

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