Question about deck integrity

I’ve finished my first build a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t posted about it yet because, frankly, I’m embarrassed about my mistakes. Most of what went wrong with by build wouldn’t have happened if I had listened to the people on this forum. Right now I’m trying to fix what I’ve broken so I can make a decent forum post. My #1 priority right now is getting an enclosure that actually fits my board, probably a @Eboosted spud encolosure but I’m kinda worried about my deck snapping in half…

So far I’ve drilled 8 mounting holes in my deck for 2 different enclosures that I’ve tried. It looks something like this. Top

The holes marked in purple have been filled with epoxy, they where for my old enclosure, the red ones are the ones used by my current enclosure. If I got the @Eboosted enclosure I would have to drill at least 6 more holes near the edge of the deck. Do you guys think there would be a problem with there being so many holes in the deck? Even if I filled them in?

Nope these holes are tiny and don’t affect integrity

i use 8 on the same deck


Thanks. If I don’t have to buy another deck that’s always some extra money I can spend on other esk8 parts :sweat_smile: .

I saw some post of people’s decks snapping so I was kind of worried. They were all drop through decks that snapped near the mounting point, but still…

As long as it’s a stiff deck it’s not a problem. The only issue I’ve ever had is trying to mount a rigid enclosure on a flex board, caused the board to snap and delaminate because all the flexing tried to happen between the enclosure and the trucks.

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