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Question About first build Vesc or esc?

Hi guys. This is me first topic and first i wanna say thanks all you guys to share such a good information on this forum. without this forum i wouldn’t imagine start my first build. now I’m on the market. I’m going with 2 5s 8000mah lipo packs in series. space cell would be more convenient and safe but I already have lipo packs. my question is about esc or vesc. dual esc from torque boards or vesc basically comes out at same price. what i like about torque boards is to program and is reliable looks robust. vesc is harder to program and don’t alowed me to make any mistake. i don’t wanna blow up them or something with my inexperience. but i think all agree vesc is better, more options to program for what i read. so you guys when started with vesc with no expirience was hard to get into and program no bldc tool?

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there is no question thet the VESC is the best.

however I have built many boards with regular ESC and they have also worked quite well.
I can totally understand that the programming of VESC is pretty daunting, and if that does scare you a regular ESC will do the job.
one of the big sellers for me about the VESC is that it accepts nyko kama input directly without a wiiciever. that in itself is a $70 benefit to me.

perpetual steez all the way!

I just did my first build using a single VESC. I’m not quite sure how the VESC got this reputation that it’s hard to program but it’s pretty straightforward and the BLDC Tool is easy to use. I had 0 experience with eboards but everything I needed to know about programming the VESC is in this forum. It’s actually fun to try out multiple settings depending on your environment. For example I like use FOC during my daily commute in the city because it’s so quiet. When I wanna turn up I enable BLDC. That reason alone was enough to convince me that a DIY build is more valuable than a commercial board. If you do enough research in here you’ll minimize the trial and error.

Thanks guys. I did tought about the wiicevier @lowguido i also save more money. How about the nunchuck wiiceiver relaibelity vs vesc? There’s still dropouts with the vesc? I saw you soldring dongle directly to the wiiceiver looks like a good option. I will keep doing my resherch on this forum to fill more confortble to order my vesc.
And what about mile range? I will use pneumatic tires i know is a desadvantage for mile range but with 2 8000mah 5s what you think i can get?

I feel that the nunchuck is reliable so long as it is soldered on to something. VESC or wiiciever.
but if you are going the route of the nunchuck you should really consider the VESC because its directly compatible.

as far as range… im not sure. it will all depend on your motor, gearing and tyre size. someone on here had a rough rule of thumb that I think was 1 mile per 1000mah… (but that is only a rough estimate)