Question about FVT settings and brake

I just got my FVT 120a hooked up to GT2B. I am still running on bench with 3S, but what happens is when I pull throttle wheels go forward, but if I press the reverse direction nothing happens, and then it no longer responds to forward anymore until I cycle power to ESC. In the USB link software I have running mode as “Forward w/o Reverse” Is this what I am supposed to have it as? Also do I assume correctly, that pressing in the reverse direction should cause it to brake but not go in reverse? The only options for Running mode are “Forward w/o Reverse”, “Forward/Reverse”, and “Forward with Pause then reverse”

Hold throttle and then quickly brake. I have mine set as forward with brake but you don’t have that. Weird.

Sorry but sounds like you need a differen ESC That is strange, these are on the list of known parts for eskate

I think that they have updated the USB link software to change the names of the options. Even in “Foward w/o brake” mode, it is definitely breaking if I go in the oppsite direction, and they do have an option to specify “Percentage Braking” so it has brake.

normally you use “forward with pause then reverse”. So if you hold throttle you should go forward, then if you pull throttle backwards while spinning forwards it should brake. pause means that you can´t directly go from forward spinning to backwards spinning motor - that would be a pain! Normally it means that you have to wait like 2 seconds without a spin before you can switch to backwards. And thats your setting to go!

I have the same problem with mine. Even flashed the “esk8” firmware and still does that. The only thing that I found that works is if you don’t brake all the way.

Have you calibrated your throttle? I’ve only ever had this happen on mine when I was way out of adjustment- easy fix if it works.

What controller are you using?

Yes I calibrated the ESC throttle using min and max of controller.

@mccloed it is a mad monkey GT2B.