Question about hub/bearing fit meant from one brand to another

Do Trampa/MBs hubs with the 9.525mm bearings fit on the new KalyNYC axles? Kaly’s AT trucks have 10mm axles which I’ve read are really imperial and really 9.525mm. Don’t get me wrong, kalys hubs are awesome and I just bought my xl40 from Ernesto about 3-4 weeks ago. Very straightforward and honest guy. I just wanted to grab a set of 6.5” urban tread tires for carving more, and I rather just buy th complete set of wheels so I can throw em on by just removing the nylon nut that holds the wheel on and switching them instead of removing the tire and tube, etc. I was gonna grab the Trampa superstars and go with the 16001 2rs Or the 6001-2rs bearings which are both 9.525x28. I see a few Kaly boards with the 6.5” tires and I really wanna try em out. Any advice would be appreciated.



The axles are 10mm not 9.525mm

You should be able to use 6.5" tyres on Kaly Hubs though.

Thanks, and you are right. I asked Ernesto of KalyNYC and they are indeed 10mm axles. But I think the 12mm to 10mm bearing reducer would work.