Question about motor placement

Hey guys,

I currently have a build which I love. 2x 6374 on a 10s4p going strong, The thing is that its on a 1" drop board and currently sits a little to low for my liking I have room under the motors to drop them.

but I wanted to know how close can one drop the motors to the board before they become an issue with turning and such?

FYI - I know usually with this motor setup most people go with the motors out back but I travel in NYC and always rested my board on its tail. Any information would be helpful.

honestly just try it out! you can a riser for your trucks to give some more room, or even try mounting the motor facing out from the rear. My trucks are mounted on kicktails so I get quite a lot of clrearance having it reverse mounted vs under.


Basically, you can push them up as far as you can until they touch the board at the maximum turning radius. I have mine pushed up so that at on the hardest turns, they only just touch.

Seems to work fine for me. I have two 6355 motors mounted on the torqueboards mounts like that as well.