Question about motor sensor cables connection

Hi everyone

I’m getting a problem connecting my motors sensor cables to my ESC, my motors have 6 sensor cables and my ESC sensor connection only has 5 cables


And this is what they say about the sensor wires af

And this is my ESC: Dual Belt Drive Outrunner Motor ESC Speed Control Kit

Here is a picture of my ESC sensor connections (GND, W, V, U, 5V)

And here is a picture of my motors sensor cables

I want to know what do I have to do to connect my motors, if there is someone here who could explain me what to do I would really appreciate it

Had a similar situation, only vice versa. Found this explanation, and was successful after changing the cables according to this:

In short, ignore the 5th cable of the 6-plug, and let 6th go to the 5th of the 5-plug, all others 1-to-1.

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Thanks :grinning: Then I guess I only need to remove the white(temp) wire… That was easy… :sweat_smile:

9/10 the white wire is a temperature wire. If the vesc has no “temp” leg then you can omit the temp wire. Remove the white wire and slide everything over towards the red wire.

Do your research on that. It’s worked for me but it wasnt with TB motors.

My ESC has a temp feature…

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As per an item description, yes. As per the vesc you pictured, no.

Diyeboard isnt a reputable source for parts. Plus their parts are a little behind times.

I you check @ in the parts for sale threads, you can find reasonably priced 4.12 4.20 vesc that will accommodate those sensor wires as is. Plus it’s a valuable upgrade.

In my case, the motor had the 5-pin-plug. Maybe it says “don’t expect a temp sensor for this price”. The same attitude might be behind your ESC’s plug.

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