Question about pulley and enertion motor

So I’m getting a pulley made for me, but I need to get a things down before I confirm details. I plan on getting a 14T pulley suited for 15mm belts and 5mm pitch (HTD 5M). It’s going to be fitted onto my Enertion motor. I looked on Enertions website and saw the 9mm and 12mm pulley. With the 9mm pulley, it had a little part for grub screws. But the 12mm doesn’t it’s just mostly teeth from side to side. My question is, for larger belt sizes will I need grub screws like for the 9mm or can I just have it like the 12mm pulley with the keyway part, or is the belt size totally irrelevant? I could have both I think, but I thought I should ask you guys before I buy anything.



Forgive me if this is a totally stupid question.

In general for safety and reliability I think the grub screw is a good idea. Just because it isn’t in the picture doesn’t mean it isn’t there

You most definitely need the grub screw. Without it you won’t stop horizontal movement.

Yeah thought so. So he gave me the option of 2 or 3mm key way, 3 would be correct yes?

Just an update, how many grub screws should I get? theres one by default, should I get 2?

I only use one and it works fine.

You will stop all movement if you have circlips + keyway, which is what enertion use on their pulleys.

@racidon - Definitely, but unless you want to make things proprietary that means nobody can use it unless you use the same motor that has a cir-clip slots on the motor shaft.

Say good bye to SK3 and any other motors that anyone offers.

Replace the M4 set screws with an M4 SocketCap and you won’t have any horizontal movement. Add 2 if you want to just as I do for my own motor pulleys.

Sure, it would be nice to make it proprietary but then that moves more away from the DIY aspect of things. Now you’ll need my motor, my motor pulley to make things work.

So @Airmacx please don’t use a pulley with no set screw.

Yeah, I emailed him back already asking for the screws. Thanks for the advice!

I agree with @torqueboards. Grub screw is the way to go to stop horizontal movement. Another nice thing about screws is that your not so limited as to where you can locate the pulley. So it makes belt alignment a little easier.

I agree about making things more compatible, just thought he was asking about it working with an Enertion motor. Maybe I misunderstood?