Question about Red Brick and UBEC

Hey gang,

I am venturing into building my own electric skateboard and I ended up buying the Red Brick 125A ESC, soon to realize that this ESC won’t power the RX for my remote control. Based on a 6S setup, could I get ideas of what UBEC should I buy to power the RX?

I know people frown upon the red brick, I found out about that later, but for the price, it is worth a try. And then how do I connect> in parallel with the ESC?

thanks in advance

Cheers PC

I think youre better of with the turnigy plush. friend of mine is using that perfectly fine for about a year now. It has also ubec. the extra money you spend on a ubec youre better of by using a “better” esc. Just buy 2 bigger 3s batteries and set them in series then youve lower profile below the board. instead of 2 6s batteries in parallel.

Hey @Galinsky,

Thanks for your answer. Point is, right now, I don’t/can’t buy another ESC, this is the very beginning and I can see myself upgrading the ESC to a VESC in the future, but not for now.

What I am trying to understand is:

  • suggestions for UBEC (6S setup);
  • how many amps does the UBEC have to have? (3A-5A) is enough?
  • how do I power the UBEC? connect in parallel with the ESC, with my 6S battery?
  • how to power the RX? connect 2 cables to RX, one from ESC on channel 3 and another from UBEC on what channel?

I am actually doing a 6S5P with 2Ah 18650 batteries, what will give an even lower profile than 2 3S.

thank again for your suggestion.


3A at 5v is enough. any UBEC will do with 6S support

The RX will be directly powered from the UBEC youve a servo (black red and yellow) those black and red are the power (5v 3A) the esc needs also that 5v. Thats how to set it up :smiley: I do not exactly know which receiver you are using so I do not really know in which channel you have to put the signal cable into it will be explained in your manual of your TX and RX.

edit: not a beautiful picture but you get the idea I hope…

That’s perfect, exactly what I wanted to see. Thank you :slight_smile:

About the TX/RX, I got the cheapest one I could find:

I only imagine if I could power the RX from a different channel, so I don’t have to split the wire from the ESC.

Cheers PC

Should work perfectly! However I choose for this one:

This because you get it with an accu which you just can recharge via your pc/laptop. You do not have to buy seperate batteries. The accu last also quite long!

I do not exactly know what you mean. but the esc also needs that 5v to function with the receiver. and the receiver itself needs also power.

Colourful batteries. Are they matched?

lol, yes, all around 1900-2100 and about the same resistance. LOL