Question about replacing battery in Vestar V3

I purchased this board as an entry to electric skateboards about 4 months ago. It runs amazing but over time the batter is already giving out. It went from lasting 20ish miles to roughly 4 on a good day. Taking apart the batter cage (dont know proper terminology), it seems they use a proprietary batter. Image has been added as well. Is there anyone that can: A) Find me a video to show how to replace this specific batter B) Comment a replacement cage and battery that will fit this board I have been trying with customer support but they only speak through facebook messenger and they stopped responding :slight_smile: thanks for any help!

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum, @dedtyw. Those are most likely 18650 size cells. You will need to know what configuration they are in and how many cells in series and parallel. Also can you get a better pic of the label? The first clue is going to be the voltage printed on it.

You may or may not need a battery pack with a built in BMS depending on if that battery has one. I’ll look around and see if there are any specific videos on battery replacement for the Vestar V3.

This battery is different from the ones ive seen though.

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Ok you have a 10s3p 7.5ah battery with an XT60 connector. If you can, carefully measure that and see if you can find a replacement. Also does it have any telltale buldges that would indicate an internal circuitboard (BMS)?

Oops that was a 21700 pack. Probably too big for your enclosure. I’ll look around for a better fit.

The other option which might be slightly more expensive is to contact a battery builder that lives in the same country as you and have one custom made.

So how good are you at soldering? And do you think DIY pack building is something you’d like to get into? There are hobby grade spot welders on Scamazon and Feebay for around $50. Just a thought. Battery building can be dangerous and is not for people who arent technically inclined.

Ok found a replacement pack on their website. Bit spendy for what you’re getting. Recommend looking around and seeing if you can find something cheaper.

Btw the other connector on that pack is a JST-xh. Also a common size connector but you’ll need a pack that has one.

This is the current battery that i have now. I have been trying to get them to replace it through the warranty but they have an awful customer service model. Also, there are no bulges from what i see.

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You can replace that battery with any 10s3p batteries. You can even get a 10s2p one with p42a Molicells batteries and it’ll work the same. The p42a are just a bit fatter, so a 10s2p will work. If it don’t fit, you may need a new enclosure.

You can ask either from these sites:

You could also get it from mboards since i noticed they had stepped up their game.

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From the looks of it, it seems the ones from Mboards dont fit. Do you think the BATTERYS_10S3P 9.0AH 36V SAMSUNG 30Q from Vestar would be a good replacement?

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Yes. But 30q is a bit outdated. But nonetheless, yes.

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