Question about returning products

So like many people before me, I fell for the humble small business owner shtick from watching all of Jason’s youtube videos. I had no idea what I was getting into when I made my first purchase from Enertion.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but “money back guarantee” and “store credit” do not mean the same thing. Right?

Needless to say, I wanted to return the pulleys i purchased because I was not satisfied with them, and it doesn’t look like i’m gonna get my money back.

According to the person I talked to on the live chat, I have to submit a ticket with Adam, their “Support Specialist”, which if you don’t know, takes him anywhere between 1-3 weeks to respond. And while we are at it, don’t even bother wasting your time with their live chat. They can’t offer you any information beyond the scope of their website. They are ultimately utterly and completely useless.

Meanwhile I can’t speak highly enough of . Even tho it took 2 months for my order to arrive @torqueboards was able to answer all my questions in a timely manner, kept me updated on the status of my order, and was even able to change my order when i decided I wanted a different motor. All things Enertion couldn’t do. The whole “We are a new company and we are not equipped to handle the overwhelming response from our customers.” excuse is getting old. Enertion has been up and running for some time now, it about time they get their shit together.

It really sucks my experience with Enertion was so poor. I was a big fan of Jason’s youtube videos. But I can’t see myself doing any buisness with Enertion in the future. Which is a bummer. I was planning on buy their CF deck one day, and i really would love to give their R-Spec motors a try. But they would really have to turn things around for me to come back.

In the future I will be exploring other options from Ollin Board Company, Long Haired Boy, and Psychotiller. I’ve read nothing but good stuff about these guys.

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I work for a small company and we have the same policy, it honestly makes or breaks small companies when you try get money back, I’m sure they will do it at some point like the one I work in (cause if you don’t they won’t be a big company) but starting off isn’t easy. I feel your pain though, alot of people go through it and I’m sure someone will buy your pulleys. It might be easier to resale them then give them back. I have to agree about the live chat :-/

If they don’t want to offer money back, that’s fine. But the least they could do is take down the banner that says “money back guarantee”. I placed my order on the premise that I could return my order if i didn’t want it. I guess it’s partially my fault for not looking at their return policy, but even then, their is conflicting information on their website. Would it kill them to update their website? Especially update their inventory. When I purchased my pulleys, they said “in stock”, but I ended up waiting 3 weeks for more stock to arrive. And it those three weeks, they never bothered to update their website to say “Out of Stock”.

Wow that’s a bad one, I’m not sure about the laws in Australia but they can’t do that here. Very misleading, I think you probably won’t get your money back so might be best to sell it on here, alot of people love to use them.

In Australia you can return it for store credit or swap of equivalent product to similar value. It would be to the descretion of the seller to give money back. So if it does say money back gurantee thats misleading.

To be fair Jason did back my request to have my warranty on the Raptor dated to start from delivery not from order. As you would know it took at least 3mths for deilvery and it only had 6mt warranty now. I suspect he would also honour 12 mths now given its been upgraded for Raptor buyers.

We all know Enertion could be better with the way they are doing things. Once you get over that fact you can deal with it.

At the end of the day its disappointing for them as it only means loss of future sales.


If you were skim reading you wouldn’t get all the details

Haha I didn’t skim through anything. What you are looking at the mobile version of their website which apparently gives different information than the web browser version. But even this mobile version uses the terminology “money back guarantee” and “store credit” which do not mean the same thing. English is only my first language, so maybe I’m confused, but if they keep my money as store credit, how is that giving me my money back? (i.e. money back guarantee)

Sorry was showing dedbny that it says money back, was not aimed at you.

It’s all good. I was just laughing at the fact that their mobile website and browser website says different things lol.

95% of the time we will refund no questions ask, as per our banner. If you have doubts about that email [email protected] to discuss our policy.

However in the meantime i ask that you try to be resonable for one second and consider the reason we write store credit in our fine print. This is ultimately to protect our customers… if we didn’t allow ourselves this option we could be crippled at any moment and we would be forced to cancel hundreds of pending orders just to refund you.

We realised over the last 6 months during rapid growth in sales that cash flow management was critical to a successful business. If people enter a contract to buy with us we immediately work to fullfill that contract meaning we spend money.

Example: You own a lemonade business and over one summer you go from doing $100 to $1000 per month in sales! you need to spend every cent of profit on lemons so that you can scale up your supply to meet demand. If you didn’t spend your profit on more lemons you would have hundreds of unhappy customers complaining that they didn’t get any lemonade… but if the big delivery of lemons got delayed and just 5% of your customers start to demand a refund before the lemon truck arrives you a put in a difficult situation. Do you cancel the big lemon order just to refund 5% of people and then allow 95% of people to go without lemonade? Or instead you make a policy that allows you hold the money as a credit allow the person to spend it on other instock items.

the goods news is we have a shit load of stock now. Buying 1000 vesc ain’t cheap but it’s the only way to lower prices for people.

We have 4000 wheel pulleys in stock.

2000 wheels.

1000 trucks.

So the moral of the story…

Don’t buy off enertion if you don’t accept our terms and conditions.

If you want a refund email us and we will evaluate your request.

out of curiosity I went straight to there web site and engaged in a little chat:

Victor White Hi. Sorry to interrupt you, but I wanted to let you know I’m online. Do you have any questions I can help with?

Visitor Hello, why does it say money-back guarantee, when in fact you just offer a store-credit on returned items?

Victor White Thanks! Give me a second to look this over so I can get you an answer.

Visitor i didnt know Jason had so much support, are you also in his garage?

Victor White no i/m not on the garage im just on chat

Visitor oh ok just joking, but serious, a guy on esk8 voiced a complain about the return policy

you cant say money back if you dont Read

Victor White about the refund policy it does say a store credit in case a repair or replacement is not offered. I need to refer you to Adam or one of our Support Specialists. I want to make sure to get you the right answer. They are the best person to answer about this policy.

Please submit a ticket at and we will get back to you asap Contact Us

Hey guys…

Do me a favour…

Stop busting my ballz…

Go read ollin boards t&c’s (there are none so you cant)

Go ready diy’s t&c’s (no warranty on anything)

None of us esk8 business are big wealthy well funded businesses. We don’t have any external investors pouring in cash and we didn’t raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from crowdfunding.

I started enertion on a $10k credit card… I am working my arse off to improve the business…

What more do you want me to say?


Hey @onloop, thanks for the response. And again huge fan of your youtube videos.

I hear where you are coming from, but I’m not sure it’s completely relevant to my situation. Having a banner that says money back guarantee is misleading, at the very least conflicting information. I made my purchase based off of your misleading banner. This whole situation could have been avoided if that banner wasn’t there. I’m all about supporting your company, like I said, I’m a fan.

@cantstopme That is just about the gist of my experience with their live chat. Give us your e-mail, and we will get back to you.

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+1 chat is no good. I find them nice, but not helpful. They’ve even told me that they have no power over the side of the website that handles orders and transactions. And that sucks @FlashNova I asked for a refund too, interestingly I got a partial refund, I basically got store credit and a refund. But my items had not been shipped yet. I was cool with that since I wanted to change my order not cancel it. But if I were in your situation I would be pissed too.

@onloop on a good note, can you ship your batteries to NZ I would like to get one :slight_smile:

Dude you can get your money back. No problems.

Please return the items back to us in unused condition. Choose a postage method with tracking to ensure your items arrives.

Just follow the instructions on our website…

NOTE: we are currently hiring and retraining staff on our chat… they are very new and don’t have all the answers

@chaka has no t&c’s as you say, and yet 99% of what you hear about his customer service is that it is amazing.

Words on a page do not good customer service make.


They are a legal requirement in Australia

Always the complainers will come out of the woodwork than lovers. Give the guy a break.

“Or instead you make a policy that allows you hold the money as a credit allow the person to spend it on other instock items” The thing is most of ur inventory says its in stock even the ones that are not, in my case i ordered almost 3/4 off my board in enertion everything was showing as if it was in stock weeks later everything was still showing as pending or waiting fullfilment since it took for ever for enertion to ship it i thought it would be good to add some stuff to my order and thats when u told me that your system doesnt allow for that type of changes and that i should cancell and re order (meaning i loose my spot in line) then i was refunded half of my money and u said that u cant control how banks change currency, is not like i was missing some change i was missing pretty much half of my money? It took several weeks of working with ur customer support and several calls to paypal very frustrating, and i get enertion is your baby and you are super proud of it, i said it once ill say it again i feel like u are u worst enemy

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