Question about some electronics and overall build

So for my first eboard I decided to stick with a lot of enertion parts, but want to find the batteries, esc, and charger elsewhere.

So for the build I have this:


190KV 2400W 4-12S (14 Volts - 44 Volts MAX) Diameter 63mm Body Length 55mm (not including axle) 8mm High Tensile Grade A - SUS420J2 HRC55 - Precision Milled Shaft Stainless Steel Axle Precision Bearing Assembly 688Z with dynamic load rating of 1606N Weight 568grams 20cm flexible High Strand count pure copper & silicon 10AWG wires 5.5mm Gold Connector

single motor mount kit and wheels are from enertion as well

trucks are Caliber

So for the ESC I’m wondering if the ezrun 150a esc is good while also using this battery

If this is a good setup, how would I go about charging the battery?

Hi & Welcome,

That ESC is designed for RC cars, so it will perform, but maybe not as good as a custom made solution like the VESC

Your question about charging lipos? do you literally mean how you charge a LIPO? if so maybe watch youtube there are over 30k of videos on that topic.

@cjoliver What you will need to charge a 6S lipo battery is a 6S capable balanced charger for LiPo batteries. There are a number of them on hobby king’s website.

Anything by Turnigy is good, but they have a number of brands with cheap ones and expensive ones. You typically get what you pay for with chargers as with a lot of things.