Question about the dual FSESC 6.6 mini

Has anybody tried the dual FSESC 6.6 mini size? The specs are the same as the normal size, but it can run in 4wd (unlike the standard one), the price is also about $20 cheaper and smaller. It seems to me like a no compromise option.

I just ordered one. Im replacing (2) 6.6 simplify with it.

Ok, let me know if it’s any good.

I got one recently, works without issues (apart from the voltage measurement issue :sunglasses:) with 12s in FOC. 2x 40A/-60A motor, 30A/-15A battery.

Would you recommend it for and at style build with dual 6374s?

That’s what I had on my build. I was running the 6.6 simplify, basically the same thing as the dual just separated. They work great with dual 6374.