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Question about these items?

im putting two boards for the first time together and i need some info about these items

im wondering if this rc controller will work on an eskate and if anyone knows how good it is

and will these work to monitor my batteries im planning on using two 5s batteries to (in series) to make 10s would i need two or one to monitor each pack and will they work?

That remote works but really sucks batteries quickly.

Ud need two of those monitors.

would i need one per pack of 5s batteries??? or per boards

Please refer to this:

You need one monitor for each battery

I have had that remote… It basically just sucks… The first one I got was faulty and the second one the power button keeps breaking (it is fixable though). AND the battery life is EXTREMELY bad as well!

Agreed. That controller works well for a week, then you’ll have to bind it every time you want to ride. Go for the GT2B or GT2E.

Call it a day and get this …it’s super small, works and cheap

I’ve used those Buzzer alarms to monitor my batteries for a couple of months now and I havn’t had a problem yet. They can be a little loud though… 1 buzzer can monitor a 1-8S battery so you will need 1 for each pack for a total of 2.

ah okay thanks im probably going to order 3 or 4 of them just in case

oh and i ordered those remotes before i saw all the replies to this thread so now i have to either send them back or hopefully they cancelled my order in time