Question about upgrading to Turnigy SK3 6364 213Kv Motor

I am considering upgrading my setup to Turnigy SK3 6364 213Kv Motors and and are wondering about three things:

  1. Will I need dual setup? the terrain around where I live has quite a bit of hills (Norway)

  2. How do I best ensure that the motor pulley will not slip from the motor shaft? Should I grind it down, use loctite or both?

  3. Will it explode my Diyeboard ESC? Luckily I have two, so if nobody knows I will test and report back at some point :wink:

Its probably better to just keep posting in your original thread instead of creating one after another. it really clusters up the forum.

But to answer. First of all, the esc you have is programed for the motors that came with it. youll have to get those motors again if you stick with that esc. you could easily go with a vesc and use what ever motor you choose.

As far as the pulley, you should have grub screws that will hold it but using loctite will help if not ensure a permanent hold.

dont want to tell you wrong on the dual but I have a single 6374 and it powers up pretty much anything i throw @ it.