Question battery cut off

I just want to know if my battery cut off is go My battery is 12s7p 30q cell my start cut off is 40.8v and end 39,60v It is ok

You can go much lower than that, 36v start and 33.6 end

wow 7p. maybe keep your cutoff high since you have so many watthours and will be very unlikely to run out of juice while ridding and then the cells will last way longer. drop the full charge voltage too

I have mine at 35 start and 33 end. But I also have a discharge BMS.

Here is one of the advantages of Li-ion cells. You can run them down to 2.8v no problem. Yes, they theoretically can go down to 2.5v but being a little conservative is always good.

NOTE I would not run them down to 2.8v unless discharging through a bms which is monitoring individual cell groups. Just my opinion…

This is my bms

What set up I should do? Thank you

You’ll be fine with that bms. Just wire it according to the diagram and you will have protection during charge and discharge. The bms over discharge protection is 2.9v and you’ll want to set the Vesc start higher to avoid triggering the bms protection. The bms protection is your final fail safe and is important especially on a welded pack. I would set the Vesc low voltage start at 3.0v or 36v total. This will simply reduce power output when your battery drops to 36v. You could go lower if the bms went lower. It’s better if the bms protection doesn’t kick in because you’ll have to disconnect the battery to reset the bms. Unless you use a Bestech bms with built in E-switch. Then you just cycle the on/off switch to reset.

What do you this I will make my battery cut off start at 37 and end at 36 Is good

I wouldn’t start at 37v 36v start is good And 35v end That way you won’t trip the bms protection unless something goes wrong with your battery like broken weld joints from bumps and vibration. This can be a problem with welded packs If some of the cells break loose and disconnect within a cell group, it will cause that cell group to discharge faster than the rest of the pack Since the bms monitors each cell group, it will shut the system down before the cells in that group are damaged.

Ok thank you I will do like this