Question battery nickel strips

Hi everyone I’m building flat pack double liner and i’m wondering about the nickel strips I use 0.20mm 8 it is going to be 12s7p of vt6 I will set up battery max for each vesc at 50A total 100A The nickel strips I use they can do for the best 6.4A this means I have to do 15 liner sounds crazy Can you help me thank you image

make a new scetch

firstly connect the cells in paralel with one layer than connect each of the cells in paralel to another paralel group with one layer then when you are making the outside connections double or triple the nickel and yes a better sketch would be helpfull

thats one huge ass pack :smiley: how many amps will you draw?

he said 100amps, those series connections need to be serious…

My battery max for each vesc will be at 50A But I don’t think I will it 100A Bc most when a electric skateboard it some big A is when we start and after we are around 5A

Hmm I’m doing something similar, mine is gona be 12s8p but I’m buying enough cells to make a 10p pack because if it fits I’m gona make a 10p for my 4wd build.

What should I do This will be work or …

dunno this over my paygrade, i know that you never going to draw 100amps anywhere near continous but who knows what you drive how you drive. Most people at least double their series connections on the pack.

If your thing blows it will be a spactacle or tragedy

I’d add more layers to the series or solder copper braids between the poles.

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you rly need to make better drawings^^

If i double where you see the blue on the picture is ok It will be like 4 nickel strips 2 on each side

the series connection yes. @barajabali can you look at that, i dont want to tell him something wrong

The spot where the series are made could overheat and glow. That’s where It needs to be beefed Up. A single strip at wide open throttle could cause you trouble. I don’t have photo edit on this phone but i guess you capture the idea. Add more layers there at every series.

Ok I have to double like this see a picture

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And this one toimage

i grabbed a pc around, i hope i explain myself better now these are the weak spots: weak1


that pattern is ok for common performance but risky for 100 amps draw. those places Will heat very much and could glow and be destroyed at full throttle.

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Ok I will double everything is black on your picture thank you :pray:



i’d beef them up like this. More nickel layers or copper braids soldered between contacts

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What rojitor said is correct :wink: Use at the black lines more layers