Question BMS voltage cutoff

Hi everyone. I am running discharge through my 60amp BMS. It seems that BMS will shutoff once my voltage dropped at 36v. My pack is 10s4p and this is the BMS I use. Is anyone have the same experience with this BMS

Thank you

What esc do you have? I have the same bms without issues. Probably your battery cut off start/end settings that’s the cause of this.

I have torqueboard vesc. Is not the vesc that cutting off. Is my BMS that cut off the power completely once it hit the 36v. because the antispark switch is cut off too. My setup is BATTERY - BMS - Antispark - VESCs

Are you running bypass BMS or you have it discharging through BMS on your setup?

Check this box in bldc tool.

Ah missread a bit. So what does the multimeter read after the antispark switch? And before the bms

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Change your bms maybe