Question for psychotiller about motors

I am interested in buying one of these two…

(1) The smaller motor 6355 has more watts 3520W+ = I want the one with more power. Also a bit confused why the smaller motor has more power.

(2) How long is the sensor wire? Does it work well with VESC6? I have had issue with some other motors hall sensors.

Why dont you send him a Private message instead of making this topic?


I thought it would be helpful for everyone + him (free advertising). I buy tons of stuff from builders/vendors here.

But do you know about the motors? They are the standard Maytech brand so this maybe more public knowledge rather than something specific to his website. Just need a quick reply… I am at the point of purchase.



No sorry, it looks like a mistake because to me it’s like saying a 6374 motor is weaker then a 6355. But everything is possible @psychotiller

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According to the specs at the Maytech website the 6365 is rated at 3520 max watt and the 6355 at 3510 watt.

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Ok thanks yes that’s what i saw on michobby too. So it must have been a typo.

6365 >= 6355

It’s a typo. Not mine, but they wouldn’t change the info so I left it alone as well. And, so you know the stator is longer. The 6365 are actually 6369

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Thanks for the info … 69mm might hit the truck… the outer edge.

Quick follow-up are they both about the same power then? Due to that size I would be limited to 6355.

They are very close. I weigh 200lbs (210) and the 6355s are plenty powerful.