Question for sellers

Hey all, I am discussing building a small business type thing with a couple of friends. I live in a college town and think building custom boards for people would be an interesting business venture. Sort of a “pimp your ride” type of thing.

Those with experience in selling, do you find this to be lucrative? If you don’t mind sharing, what is your business model? Is parts, or full boards more lucrative?

If you don’t want to share publicly, I would love for you to PM me!

Thanks in advanced!

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You would probably learn a few things reading @longhairedboy’s threads. Although it seems he recently moved from building personalized boards based on people’s request to building “whatever he wants” (his own words). Still awesome in my opinion.

two words - disposable income. also, what will you bring that is different from or superior to lhb, chaka, kaly, etc. they are the competition. is it a service you’re bringing? how do you plan to implement it, and more importantly how will you build community and a customer base? this is HARD to do, requires a lot of work and dedication. also consider that there is no secret sauce - this forum is proof of that. so seriously sit down and evaluate your value proposition. i don’t want to discourage you, but seriously consider how you’ll effectively compete in the market.

/side note, 4 whiskeys down, not 100%


i still do custom paint and glass and ratios on request but they’re all witchblade GTs with a 12S5P and twin 6355 on genuine calibers and boa wheels.

its what the people were all ordering anyway.


Just keep in mind that most of the established esk8 entrepreneurs here have a job outside of building boards. This is after years of cultivating a market for themselves and developing trust (of which isn’t abundant).

over 3 years of having what amounts to two full time jobs, plus kids, plus tons of set backs and we’ve got enough business to cover some of the bills but not all of them.

For someone to say it takes a lot of time and energy to start something like this from scratch with no outside help while maintaining a family and regular job would be the fucking understatement of the year.


I’ve always wondered what got sellers into selling - I have so many part builds around the house at one point I could see 9 boards in various states of completeness and working-ness from standing in my bedroom

I actually feel a little worried someone will try an ‘eSk8 intervention’ on me lol I imagine some of you guys HAD to start selling the stuff that starts to build up lol :slight_smile:

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Bruv I started with one build in mind. Started it and now have 3 WIP builds. It wasn’t just a month ago I decided to start everything. Impulse buying @ its best.