Question for those who have made cuts into their decks to make room for electronics

What’s the consensus on sacrificing deck integrity for more room for electronics.

I think @longhairedboy has/does this for people. If you could input on this that would be great. Have you or anyone ever cracked a deck during a ride after cutting into the bottom side?

I’ve only cut one deck and that worked out well. But it really depends on what deck. How it’s designd, what material the deck is. How deep you plan to go. Where on the deck you are making the cut. Horisontal/vertical cut. There’s many things to consider befor cutting.

I’m planing to make a 7 x 28cm cutout on the center of my Moonshine Sidekick deck to increase the battery from 10s4p to 12s4p.


How much ground clearance do you end up with on your DS evo with 107mm wheels?

I’ve only ever taken 1 layer of ply out of a rock solid cruiser and that was fine but If you do cut out anything from a plywood deck you are damaging the integrity of it no matter what deck it is so be sure that its thick enough to start with like the @Hummie deck.

It’s a trampa hs11 decj

Be prepared to loose that fight against that deck. Those decks are a fucking PITA to cut and drill in

imageimage I’ve cut wire channels into 6 of my boards and routed out 8-10mm deep sections for battery fitment on a couple others. I’ve never had a board crack.

I use epoxy resin to close up the wire channels and honestly it might stronger than new…don’t really know, but it’s plenty strong for my 215lbs to jump hundreds of curbs without a problem.

IME there’s actually quite a bit of leeway for removing material.

The bigger issue is probably not creating stress points, not creating a spot that takes a lot more stress than everywhere else.

@treenutter would be very knowledgeable about decks integrity I believe plus He is also testing cutouts as well for his Red Ember boards.

Its worth noting that there are 2 layers if CF in the @hummie deck which I think add to the durability of the deck which allowed the deeper cutouts but that’s just my hunch

Trampa? carbon? I wouldn’t without proper equipment.

I’m sure that in the last batch the carbon layers were moved so the cut out didn’t affect them. They are a more multi layered laminate though so really shouldn’t have compared them. Most decks don’t have the layers to safely do it.

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I was actually able to make this cut topside front kick tail pretty quick


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