Question for you spot welders out there

I recently purchased a sunkko 788H-USB on Amazon, paid $140 shipped for it but when it came it was actually a 709AD with soldering iron, tip grinder, foot pedal and the handheld probes, I thought I had been scammed but after looking online I realized the 709ad is a more pricey model so I said whatever and built my battery, it performed flawlessly, I then contacted the seller about it and he offered a full return and refund at no cost even after I told him I had used it, so my question is should I send it back or did I get a steal at $140?? I do plan to build another battery but not anytime soon at all

You even got a solder iron!?! What a steal. :bearded_person:t2:

What are you thinkg?!?! Keep it. :grin:

The honest choice is sending it back. But here comes the trick: the seller will not be honest and will sell it as new to another dude . You can bet your boots on that. Therefore the damage is already done whatever you do. You can be nice with the seller or the next customer. Pick one.