Question Multi Function Watt Meter


yesterday I configured my VESC for the first time with thank of some forum members :). Very stoked to get ridding. However with the new VESC the placement of the components is off and I would need to get some AWG10 wire and solder connecters to it to make the VESC and the battery connect again:

While I was thinking about this I thought I’d might aswell get a battery meter while I’m at it. I found this on hobbyking: and thought that I’d maybe just buy this, since it breaches the gap and has xt60 connecters on it already. This means I don’t have to buy the a voltmeter from alibaba, AWG10 wires and xt60 connecters.

The question is: will it work if I just put this meter between my battery and vesc and connect it all? Or do I miss something that would make it so it doesn’t work. I’m very new to everything electric and I’ve only soldered for the first time in my life 3 days ago when I needed to swap bullet connectors for the VESC.

All the advice is greatly appreciated!

I’m running 6s2p*

Yes it would work. I did something similar by soldering XT-90 connectors to this power meter from Amazon (half the price of the one you linked):

However, I don’t find it to particularly useful for anything other than bench testing. I would instead recommend a simple voltage meter. Then get a bluetooth module and use one of the VESC apps to monitor data

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