Question regarding batteries

I am looking at doing a 10s battery and came across these online… anyone have any experience with these or this company?

Going with dual turnigy sk3 6374 192kv on an MBS Comp 95 mountainboard. I don’t want it to be beast mode since it’s my first build, I just want to get it built correctly so I have the concept down as I am working on a design for a dual fat wheel board which I plan to build next.

I don’t know about the website but I would say go with Samsung 30q cells. Those have been known to have sag even in high p configurations.

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Like he said :arrow_heading_up: Q30s are the way to go. that’s your answer right there. Buy them and If you don’t believe us just look it up there’s lots of info on Q30’s.


That’s what I was looking for but I cannot find them for sale in bulk anywhere in the US… Is there a preferred company you can recommend? tested geniune cells there.

i got my cells from nkon


Thank you!!

Oh you will though. Build it capable and just keep the settings conservative to start. Never cheap out on the battery either. Its the heart of the board and the single most expensive element usually. Go good quality cells and if you build it yourself then read and read some more. Then read some more. Good luck

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I get my cells from or I live in the USA. Nothing but good experiences but I haven’t ever studied the cells to see if they were genuine. Good faith and reading reviews is all I have.

I ride 25r in 10S4P. They do sag quite a bit under full load. More sag than I’d like, but other than that no issues pushing 20A per cell from the pack.

Based on the chart below, it looks like 30Qs do much better in terms of voltage sag at 20A than 25r, but also that at 20A continuous the 25r can push 20A for a bit longer.

Other than that, our loads are usually not continuous. At 15A, the 30Qs fair much better both in terms of capacity and sag. This lines up with the general consensus of the community that 30Qs are better for our application.