Question regarding metric deck mounting holes

Hey guys,

I have some mind boggling things that need clearing up.

Over the time I have racked up some trucks, like Paris V2 Pro, Caliber II Fifties, TorqueBoards 218mm only to find that the hole pattern spacing is… inconsistent??

I always presumed that the spacing follows a conversion from american spacing pattern:


Which comes out as approx 63.5mm by 41.3mm.


Torqueboards trucks fit this pattern perfectly, having almost spot on 5mm(~5.1mm) holes.

Paris trucks fit this pattern pretty much spot on, having 5.3mm holes.

Calibers on the other hand, don’t fit at all. They seem to have holes spaced out by at least an extra millimeter on width and few millimeters on length.

Here’s a baseplate-to-baseplate comparison I did with calibers on paris:


These two holes almost seem to fit, but some minor discrepancies can be seen…

But after aligning using those holes, the first holes are a complete mess:


Wot in tarnation?

I think of sticking with TB truck spacing, but if I ever want to change the trucks to better ones(or newer ones, etc), I might face the hard truth of holes not fitting…??

What is the “standard” hole spacing? I am getting a custom deck made and effing up dimensions is a big no no in my book.

Mainly concerned, because I will be using inserts that will not have “wiggle room”.


So far the standard measure is Universal :point_down:. Can’t tell why some manufacturers like to deviate from both sizes (??) I never had such discrepancy with the mounting holes before. Now seen your problem the whole alignment issue is kinda strange. Why? No idea.:roll_eyes:


…or in milimeters.