Question with motors

Hey i wanna upgrade from my Alienpowersystems esc and motors to something better. I will usw two esk8 controllers (VESC) but im not sure wich motor will be the best solution. I want to drive 12s setup so I will need something under 200kV. I think about these motor: collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv

or these but in this case I have to drive an 10s setup.!/eSk8-de-Motor-esk8-6354-200kV-2-2KW-mit-Sensoren/p/65758944/category=15255004

Have you guys heard something about these motors?

Greetings from Germany Louis

Both well regarded motors. I would get the local ones for customer support and to reduce wait time and import fees


dont order there from ger, I ordered and payed with cc then they told me they wont ship to ger but on the top there s a big text “We ship worldwide” :D.

Just had problems.^^

Which motors you have actually? You said aps motors, but which and why you think they not good? They unsensored? They not sealed? They have the wrong kV? Just interested why you want to go alway from there motors?

If you look for great motors in eu, Check out unik boards @okp

Or @fottaz

They both have great sealed and sensored motors for a good price and no issues with import taxes etc. Plus great costumer service and fast shipping :wink:


I’ve just found these Brotherhobby motors 6354 230kv. Not sure how good they are but they are good priced. Maybe someone on the forum can give us some feedback…I hope…I’m considering them.

They are in China!!!

If i open the link it’s written motors not available.

Try the link now I’ve just edited it.

There you can also just buy 4 in one. Single motor only you can’t buy there too. And they not sensored. They can be good or not… but for this money I personally would go with the hobbyking sk3 motors. They unsensored too and not that much more expensive aaaand shown to be reliable.

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They are not bad but they are unsensored, got 270kv. Lets say i want away from the esc and not from the motors but i have to change the motors also. I got the 4,4kw Motor and Esc set from APS. Its not bad but the startup ist very weird. You have to give you a little push for startup.My actually electronic setup is very inefficient: 6s 16000mah, Aps 150A Twin esc and those 270kv motors. And my distance is at max 7km or so.

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I want sensored motors for the startup. My board works not bad but as I sayed startup from zero is not possible with a minimal hill or something like that.

Than go with the motors I sent you, plus focboxes. Both you get from both companies I linked you. You will definitely don’t regret it! Meine Motoren haben sogar ein Feuer überstanden :wink:

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Yes I see it they look very good and are Water resistance very great. Thank you guys for the help. And by the way one of my APS motors just smoked up because 2 phase wires just dropped out of the esc and i realized it to late.

Just for your information, i think both companies i sent you have similar motors. sell only 190kv if I remember right and the Unik ones are 170 and 150kv or so. If you look for more budget ones you can have a look at the hobbyking sk8 series.

Normal esc’s and high kv unsensored motors cog up. The vesc will smooth some of it out but if you go 10s with sub 200 kv you can pull away smoothly without sensors. If you go 12s then stick with the focbox because its been shown to work fine at that voltage. All the cheaper 4.12 vescs will most likely fail. The ollin board being the exception but you pay for that capability. Hobbyking sk8 motors are a good option but if you get them make sure you go over the whole thing and make sure the screws are tight. I had one fail when the can came loose. In fact that is good advice regardless of which motor you choose. In esk8 its always best to do your own quality control and not rely on a guy in china earning peanuts.

In the end you can buy any motor you want as long as you limit the erpm in the bldc tool. I have recently tried both Torqueboards and Build Kit Boards, I think they are both pretty much the same, but for the bkb motors they are 208kv so you will have to limit the erpm slightly…on the flip side the bkb motors are sealed so that prevents rocks from getting in the motor