Questions: 10s4p BMS, Fuse, Which charger, Anti-spark switch


I’m new in the esk8 world but already did a lot of research and bought the parts i’m already sure i want. This past week i spend 2-3h every day doing research on what to get and how i want it. After 4 days i decided to buy the first parts: Case, Focbox Unity, Caliber II 50 degree with motor mounts and pulley’s, 6354 motors (190kV, 2450W) and a spot welder from Malectrics.

The things i can’t decide on are the BMS, fuse, charger and anti-spark switch.

These are my calculations i made. (Batteries will be Samsung INR18650-30Q) Calc

    • Which BMS do you recommend? (How many amps?) Seperate or common port?
    • What’s the advantage of a high discharge BMS?
  1. Which fuse should i get? Should i even have one with a BMS installed?

  2. Which charger? I’ve seen a lot of news articles about bike chargers starting fires. How do you know if a charger is safe? I prefer 3A or higher to be able to charge it on a short evening. (Not gonna charge when i’m sleeping cause of the fear)

  3. Do i need an anti-spark switch? The focbox unity has a switch but i read somewhere you should have a switch in between the main leads to make it safer when storing.

I prefer to keep the costs as low as possible. Maybe all from banggood if you guys can tell me their BMS and charger are fine.

Thanks in advance for all the help! Appreciate it very much!