Questions about batteries and its compatibility


Hi! I just started learning about this interesting world and my knowledge in electronics is not very high leveled. I would want to know if it would be a reasonable idea to put 6 Rhino 2150mAh 2S1P 20C Batteries together in two parallel groups of 3 batteries in series to power a SK3 245kv motor.

Thank you, and sorry for my ignorance (and for my bad english :P)

sure, you’ll have 6s2p, 4300mAh pack.

I would usually just get a pair of 3s packs like the Zippy or similar. Nice and thin around 22-27mm thick - simple in series for 6s.

what’s your goal here - you have them and want to use them, or looking for a specific fit in an enclosure you already have?

No worries on your english - this seems pretty clear.

what ESC are you looking to use? What’s your planned build - we can review and help.

Welcome and GL!

Well, as a begginer, the two things I compared were the width of the battery (because I’m a little scared of the street objects destroying all the rack) and the price/mAmps, but I think i missed the voltage. I’m just starting to think about the components to build a cheap but solid eSk8 so I think I better take your advice and go for the 3S packs. I have not thought about the ESC yet but maybe i’ll get the enertion. As I said, i’m just beginning and totally open to suggestions and advices. Thank you very much for your attention and help!